Since I was a kid I was always trying to create something inside my daydream world, opening and closing doors, and many times without knowing where I was going to...but ever after walking...
Desde pequeña siempre intentando crear algo en mi mundo de ensueño, abriendo y cerrando puertas, y muchas veces sin saber bien hacia donde...pero siempre caminando...

08 marzo 2018

See All This Magazine

Hoy es el día perfecto para deciros que me han preseleccionado para la #Revista de #arte holandesa "See All This" para la publicación Invitación a #Mujeres #Artistas. Echa un vistazo y si te gusta dale al 🖤 Gracias!!! // Today is the perfect day to tell you that my submission to the #SeeAllThisMagazine – Women’s Issue #Artist Invite on @ellohype was just accepted. Please check it out and give it some #love. Thanks! 🖤 Ello
"I´ve always been interested in female figure, emotionally and in terms of beauty, I stand up for human rights. This artworks are part of my new project the "Healer women" series on paper that talk about injustice, cruelty, abandon, pain and sorrow of all women that are suffering nowadays. Also my paintings reflect a tough reality about the present women condition in life. My women are healers and goddesses that will aid other women to stand up, they are all the good virtues that will heal and create a better world."

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